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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Aug 29, 2012 3:42am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Incomplete list of TV series that are completely lost (no surviving episodes)

Of course, methods to record live television didn't exist until 1947.

Of course, this list was put together very quickly, so if I am wrong on whether a show aired on ABC or not, please forgive me. I have been compiling a list on IMDb for some time......

Note: BBC1 and BBC2 are both counted as "BBC".

Note: This list is VERY incomplete. An extended version will be posted at a later date.

The Television Ghost (1931–1933, W2XAB)
Starlight (1936, BBC)
Theatre Parade (1936–1938, BBC)
The Disorderly Room (1937, BBC)
Sports Review (1937, BBC)
Comedy Cabaret (1938, BBC)
Ann and Harold (1938, BBC)
Telecrime (1938, BBC)
Cabaret Cruise (1939, BBC)
CBS Television Quiz (1941–1942, WCBW)
Men at Work (1941, WCBW)
Choreotones (1945–1946, WCBW)
Hour Glass (1946–1947, NBC)
Geographically Speaking (1946, NBC)
Cash and Carry (1946–1947, DuMont)
I Love to Eat (1946–1947, NBC)
Play the Game (1946, DuMont/ABC)
Faraway Hill (1946, DuMont)
Let's Celebrate (1946)
It's a Gift (1946)
Face to Face (1946–1947, NBC)
You Are an Artist (1946–1950, NBC)
Paging You (1946–1948, BBC)
See What You Know (1946)
Let's Rhumba (1946–1947)
Pinwright's Progress (1946, BBC)
Birthday Party (1947–1949, DuMont)
In the Kelvinator Kitchen (1947–1948, NBC)
Charade Quiz (1947–1949, DuMont)
Scoreboard (1948, DuMont)
On the Corner (1948, ABC?)
Key to the Missing (1948–1949, DuMont)
Hayloft Hoedown (1948, ABC)
Gabrielle (1948, ABC)
The Laytons (1948, DuMont)
Movieland Quiz (1948, ABC)
Guest Book (1948–1949)
Crystal Room (1948)
Kiernan's Corner (1948–1949, ABC)
Critic at Large (1948–1949, ABC?)
1948 World Series (1948)
Elder Michaux (1948–1949, DuMont)
Wit and Wisdom (1948, BBC)
Tales of the Red Caboose (1948–1949, ABC)
TV Shopper (1948-1950, DuMont)
Child's World (1948–1949, ABC?)
The Adventures of Oky Doky (1948–1949, DuMont)
Buzzy Wuzzy (1948, ABC)
Quizzing the News (1948–1949, ABC)
Boxing from Jamaica Arena (1948, DuMont)
Camera Headlines (1948, DuMont)
I.N.S. Telenews (1948, DuMont)
Bowling Headliners (1949, DuMont)
Café de Paris (1949, DuMont)
ABC Television Players (1949, ABC)
Johnny Olsen's Rumpus Room (1949, DuMont)
Hotel Broadway (1949, DuMont)
The Skip Farrell Show (1949, ABC)
Stand by for Crime (1949, ABC)
Manhattan Spotlight (1949–1951, DuMont)
A Woman to Remember (1949, DuMont)
Teen Time Tunes (1949, DuMont)
Draw Me a Laugh (1949, ABC)
Spin the Picture (1949–1950, DuMont)
Program Playhouse (1949, DuMont)
They're Off (1949, DuMont)
Talent Jackpot (1949, DuMont)
Alice Pearce (1949, ABC)
Hands of Murder (1949–1951, DuMont)
Al Morgan (1949–1951, DuMont)
Photocrime (1949)
The O'Neills (1949–1950, DuMont)
That Wonderful Guy (1949–1950, ABC)
Chicagoland Mystery Players (1949–1950, DuMont)
Mr. Black (1949, ABC)
A Couple of Joes (1949–1950, ABC)
Majority Rules (1949–1950, ABC)
Science Circus (1949, ABC)
Fun for the Money (1949)
Ladies Be Seated (1949, ABC)
Dr. Fix-um (1949–1950, ABC)
Bon Voyage (1949, ABC)
Rehearsal Call (1949, ABC)
ABC Barn Dance (1949, ABC)
Youth on the March (1949–1953)
American Minstrels of 1949 (1949, ABC)
Identify (1949)
That's O'Toole (1949, ABC)
Action Autographs (1949, ABC)
Music in Velvet (1949–1951)
Easy Aces (1949–1950, DuMont)
Sing-Co-Pation (1949, ABC)
Cinema Varieties (1949, DuMont)
Windy City Jamboree (1950, DuMont)
Starlit Time (1950, DuMont)
Time for Reflection (1950, DuMont)
The Hazel Scott Show (1950, DuMont)
The Joan Edwards Show (1950, DuMont)
Country Style (1950, DuMont)
Rhythm Rodeo (1950–1951, DuMont)
Pro Football Highlights (1950)
Dinner Date (1950, DuMont)
The Susan Raye Show (1950, DuMont)
The Most Important People (1950–1951, DuMont)
Our Secret Weapon: The Truth (1950, DuMont)
With This Ring (1951, DuMont)
Ladies Before Gentlemen (1951, DuMont)
Major Dell Conway of the Flying Tigers (1951, DuMont)
Stage Entrance (1951, DuMont)
Jacqueline Susann's Open Door (1951, DuMont)
Shadow of the Cloak (1951–1952, DuMont)
The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong (1951, DuMont)
Football This Week (1951)
The Talent Shop (1951, DuMont)
News Gal (1951, DuMont)
It's a Business (1952, DuMont)
Where Was I? (1952–1953, DuMont)
Happy's Party (1952, DuMont)
Stage a Number (1952–1953, DuMont)
The Drew Pearson Show (1952-1953)
Jan at the Blue Fox (1952, BBC)
Trash or Treasure? (1952, DuMont)
Football Sidelines (1952, DuMont)
Guess What (1952, DuMont)
One Man's Experience (1952, DuMont)
Kidnapped (1952, BBC)
One Woman's Experience (1952, DuMont)
Ladies' Date (1952, DuMont)
The Big Idea (1952–1953, DuMon)
The Secret Garden (1952, BBC)
Monodrama Theater (1952, WABD-TV)
What's Your Bid (1953)
Epitaph for a Spy (1953, BBC)
The Music Show (1953–1954, DuMont)
The Strawhatters (1953–1954, DuMont)
It's a Small World (1953, DuMont)
The Secret Files of Captain Video (1953–1955, DuMont)
The Igor Cassini Show (1953, DuMont)
Night Editor (1954, DuMont)
Love Story (1954, DuMont)
One Minute Please (1954–1955, DuMont)
The Six Proud Walkers (1954, BBC)
Gamble on Love (1954, DuMont)
Time Will Tell (1954, DuMont)
The Ilona Massey Show (1954–1955, DuMont)
Key to the Ages (1955, DuMont)
Have a Heart (1955, DuMont)
It's Alec Templeton Time (1955, DuMont)
Captain Video and His Cartoon Rangers (1956, WABD-TV)
Abigail and Roger (1956, BBC)
My Husband and I (1956, Associated-Rediffusion)
The Gay Cavalier (1957, Associated-Rediffusion)
Boy Meets Girls (1959, ABC Weekend Television)
Drumbeat (1959, BBC)
Arthur's Treasured Volumes (1960, ATV)
Emma (1960, BBC)
The Trouble with Harry (1960, BBC)
The Secret Kingdom (1960, BBC)
Don't Do It Dempsey (1960, BBC)
The Pen of My Aunt (1960, BBC)
A Life of Bliss (1960, BBC)
A Matter of Degree (1960, BBC)
The Corner Shop (1960, BBC)
The Days of Vengeance (1960, BBC)
Here Lies Miss Sabry (1960, BBC)
Meet the Champ (1960, BBC)
How Green Was My Valley (1960, BBC)
The Small House at Allington (1960, BBC)
Persuasion (1960, BBC)
Peridot Flight (1960, BBC)
No Wreath for the General (1960, BBC)
The Citadel (1960, Associated-Rediffusion)
Tales of Mystery (1961, Associated-Rediffusion)
Doctor Knock (1961, BBC)
The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's (1961, BBC)
Amelia (1961, BBC)
Rob Roy (1961, BBC)
Walk a Crooked Mile (1961, BBC)
Magnolia Street (1961, BBC)
The Racketty Street Gang (1961, BBC)
Flower of Evil (1961, BBC)
A Chance of Thunder (1961, BBC)
Storyboard (1961, BBC)
The Escape of R.D.7 (1961, BBC)
Court of Mystery (1961, BBC)
The House Under the Water (1961, BBC)
The Dark Island (1962, BBC)
The Adventures of Francie and Josie (1962, Scottish Television)
Six More Faces of Jim (1962, BBC, NOTE: "The Seven Faces of Jim", which preceded this, still survives)
Raise Your Glasses (1962, BBC)
I giacobini (1962, RAI)
Silent Evidence (1962, BBC)
The Net (1962, BBC)
Corrigan Blake (1962, BBC)
The Six Proud Walkers (1962, BBC)
Stranger in the City (1962, BBC)
The Franchise Affair (1962, BBC)
The Master of Ballantrae (1962, BBC)
The Last Man Out (1962, BBC)
Outbreak of Murder (1962, BBC)
The River Flows East (1962, BBC)
The Monsters (1962, BBC)
The Old Curiosity Shop (1962, BBC)
Barbara in Black (1962, BBC)
The Last Man Out (1962, BBC)
The Big Pull (1962, BBC)
More Faces of Jim (1963, BBC)
Lorna Doone (1963, BBC)
Bold as Brass (1963, BBC)
No Cloak - No Dagger (1963, BBC)
Teletale (1963–1964, BBC)
Kidnapped (1963, BBC)
Epitaph for a Spy (1963, BBC)
The Chem. Lab. Mystery (1963, BBC)
Foreign Affairs (1964, Granada Television)
Catch Hand (1964, BBC)
Martin Chuzzlewit (1964, BBC)
Baxter On... (1964, BBC)
Rupert of Hentzau (1964, BBC)
Mary Barton (1964, BBC)
The Cool Spot (1964, BBC)
World of His Own (1964–1965, BBC)
The Valiant Varneys (1964–1965, BBC)
Judith Paris (1964, BBC)
Curtain of Fear (1964, BBC)
The Big Noise (1964, BBC)
Lance at Large (1964, BBC)
Esther Waters (1964, BBC)
The Brothers Karamazov (1964-1965, BBC)
Impromptu (1964, BBC)
The Airbase (1965, BBC)
The Bed-Sit Girl (1965–1966, BBC)
199 Park Lane (1965, BBC)
United! (1965–1967, BBC)
The Mask of Janus (1965, BBC)
The Reluctant Romeo (1966, BBC)
King of the River (1966, BBC)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1966, BBC)
Haunted (1967, ABC Weekend Television)
Champion House (1967–1968, BBC)
The Revenue Men (1967–1968, BBC)
Hugh and I Spy (1968, BBC)
Ukridge (1968, BBC)
As Good Cooks Go (1969, BBC)
Son of the Bride (1973, BBC)

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Poster: daffaela Date: Nov 15, 2013 11:38pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Incomplete list of TV series that are completely lost (no surviving episodes)

And as always, let me just add that this is "Just My Opinion". You have your stance, I have mine. And neither of us will change our opinions based on the child-like drivel (yes, that's right, I've raised my opinion of the place)that goes on here. Great info Thanks Toko belanja online murah Promo heboh jual barang hanya Rp 1 - Toko belanja online murah -

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Poster: R Pal Date: Nov 16, 2013 4:31am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Incomplete list of TV series that are completely lost (no surviving episodes)

Was the preceding post artificial intelligence generated spam or the ghost of Farmer Alfalfa?
You decide!

Meanwhile, good research, you highness. Have you ever tried to contact the historical societies in the city where these broadcast originated?
Often they can direct you to someone who knows someone who knows what you are looking for. I found a 150 year old letter in New Orleans that explained why a town in New Jersey became "The Deserted Village" without ever leaving my keyboard.

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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Nov 16, 2013 5:57am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Incomplete list of TV series that are completely lost (no surviving episodes)

Lately when I want to research a TV series, I go though digital scans of old newspapers and magazines. For example, there's a TV series that aired in Canberra during the 1960s called "TV Jackpot Quiz" (a game show in which the prizes consisted of grocery was sorta like those low-budget "local game shows" aired in regional stations in the US). I have already signed up to be notified when a particular newspaper page discussing it has been digitised.

It's 1:07AM currently where I live, earlier (at 10:00PM) I watched a Harold Lloyd film for the first time in my life, which was "Safety Last". I quite enjoyed it. It got me thinking, whether 1950s series "Movie Museum" is public domain and whether anyone has it to upload, I know it was a very poor series by today's standards, but it could prove interesting.